Costs to expect

We don’t do a cookie-cutter project for our authors, but rather, we custom design each author’s project based on their unique goals, genres, word-count, and budget.

So, how much does it cost to self-publish a book?

In order to draft together your plan, you would set up a consultation with Amanda, and she would ask a lot of questions and put together your plan and your team. Consider it would run you anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 – including everything and everything and everything. The variable in self-publishing costs depends on genre, word-count, goals, and what kind of shape it’s in to start.

Every author has their own book dreams and goals

Amanda will lead you in achieving them.

Self-Publishing Costs to expect

Project management fee

As an author trying to self-publish, you’re going to need to learn the entire process of publishing a book in order to do so. OR take the easier route with less costly mistakes and hire Amanda. Hiring Amanda can vary in price depending on your needs and project scope. To give you a ballpark: we often work with authors for full project management in the range of $2,995 – $3,795.

The higher end is for children’s book production due to the extra nuances such as finding and working with an illustrator. On our initial consultation we will discuss what your project goals are and where you are in the process so I can assess next steps and how to move your project forward. 

Editing Costs

There are 3 types of editing that writers should be aware of: developmental editing, line editing, and proofediting. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your book needs all three types. On our very first call, we’ll discuss your editing needs and I will give you prices based on your word count.

At My Word Publishing, we’re all about giving you options as this is your book and your unique project, so we will introduce you to a couple of editors until you find the one you bond with. Editing can range from $25 – $6,000. It all depends on how much editing is needed and how many rounds you need. 

Cover Design Costs

Many of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover, and if you want that cover to have people drawn to your book, then taking advantage of some of the best book cover designers in the country is a must. Luckily, we have those people right here at My Word Publishing.

Our team has won multiple national design awards which further adds confidence to the statement that you can rely on them to make your book stand out from the crowd. Cover design ranges from $100 – $950, depending on the designer you choose, number of design concepts, and what genre. 

Book Formatting Costs

Have you ever noticed why from one book to the next, the font, sizing, and chapter headings are all different?

Designing the interior pages of your book is as complex as the outside cover, and what suits someone else’s book may not suit yours. Our interior book design experts will work with you to establish what your customers require. Will your target audience need a more substantial font? Do you prefer a custom designed chapter heading?

We want to make your book as aesthetically-pleasing and as unique as possible, so let our experts talk with you about placement, design, and size that best reflects the audience you are targeting.

Prices ranges from $450-$1500. 


Let us navigate and manage finding the best prices and self-publishing costs that fit within your budget

Go from


Not knowing where to begin, how to get started.


Unsure of who to trust and how much to spend.


Misled by outside sources with a lot of empty promises.

To this


Customized publishing plan just for you to take you from manuscript to fully published book.


Connected with award-winning book designers and editorial team members to bring your book to new heights.


An informed author that keeps all of your rights, royalties and makes all the final decisions.

Success Stories

I HIGHLY recommend Amanda! She is extremely capable and smart, she gives excellent advice, and is quick to respond to concerns and questions. She was right on it, every time! I felt easily guided, wisely advised and relaxed knowing Amanda had things handled. She knows this industry!

Time after time Amanda went the extra mile for me. She has great energy and enthusiasm and is delightful to work with. She listens, gets to the point and values other’s time.

There was so much about the self-publishing process I didn’t know I didn’t know, but Amanda knew it. And she made it so easy and clear for me to get everything done right. Amanda is worth every cent!

Phyllis Mitz, M.A.


Amanda Miller from My Word Publishing has been an absolute blessing in my quest to become a published, now bestselling author. She has gone above & beyond in every area, and I know that without Amanda’s help, my book would still be just a vision and not the reality it has become.

She has been there every step of the way; helping me find the right editor, proof editor, cover design and internal layout & design expert.Connecting me with a book launch partner, marketing director and website designer, along with always being just an email or text message away with any questions I’ve ever had.

Amanda is an absolute joy to work with, and her commitment to helping her clients is truly remarkable. I’ve already hired Amanda for two more book projects, and I look forward to even greater success in the very near future.

Rich Grogan

Bestselling Author

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