Writing Coaches and finding your editor


Do you have a story that could be a book but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you have some preliminary notes about the plot and the characters or a rough outline. That’s a great start!

To take your story to the next level. My Word Publishing has services where you can work with a professional to hone in on the story plot, structure, and your target reader so that when you go to write you are clear on where you are going. 

While Amanda is not an editor, she works with 35 vetted, award-winning editors and writing coaches. We’re happy to make introductions and if you work with us to manage your entire project, we’ll find you the right match!


Book Structure Intensive

Do you have a book idea but don’t know how to turn it into a real manuscript?

Work with one of My Word Publishing’s award-winning editors to craft an effective framework for your book. Whether they write fiction,
nonfiction, or memoir, successful writers understand the benefits of creating structure. If they can reap the benefits, so can you!

In this 2-hour one-on-one intensive you and your editor will:
• Discuss what your book is and what it isn’t.
• Define your target readership.
• Craft a global structure (high level outline) and plan for your book, which you can use to start writing immediately.

• write your manuscript more quickly
• create a better manuscript from word one
• save yourself from the frustration of … not knowing what you need to write next

    Don’t have a manuscript?

    No matter where you are in the process— whether you have a fully written first draft, an outline, or an idea —we have experts ready for you to talk with. 

    It’s never too soon to have a conversation.