Get real exposure for your book

One of the most powerful book marketing campaigns to gain followers, build your platform and to get in front of the right audience. This Ebook marketing campaign does just that.

What people are saying

“The Amazon Power Boost and Best Seller Campaign far exceeded my expectations, thanks to Amanda’s skill at precisely identifying and marketing to my target audience.”-Christy Texeira

Does this sound familiar?


You publish your book and find out that not many family members bothered to buy your book.


Cold-calling or emailing friends and colleagues to buy your book tends to feel icky. 


After the first couple of months your book hits a plateau in sales.


Those who bought your book did in order to support you but didn’t actually read it.


Feeling disheartened after spending so much time and effort into producing and publishing a book that you find it’s not getting into the right hands of your target audience.

I get it!

There’s a MUCH, MUCH easier, more effective, and more targeted way to get your book into the hands of your readers. Out of the 600+ times we’ve done this for our authors, Every Single One has hit multiple #1 rankings in their targeted charts on Amazon.


The Amazon Power boost & Bestseller Campaign for ebooks

Remember, Amazon is a big search engine. In fact, it’s the biggest search engine in the world for products — even bigger than Google when it comes to product. So we have to make sure our books can be discovered in the heap of obscurity. With this campaign, we are doing just that. We get your book in front of YOUR target audience in order to train the Amazon mega-engine to get your book in front of the right readers in the future. This is the main objective of the book marketing campaign, however over the years, we’ve seen even more results. Read about them below!

WHY this Power Boost Campaign is so powerful: 


    Because it’s a practice to get into the bullseye of your target demographic, therefore, what we’re doing is training Amazon as to what demographic to get in front of.


    And when you’re hitting your bullseye, those are the people that will LOVE your book. And when people LOVE your book they talk about it and it creates momentum and BUZZ!


    Another thing that happens when you’re getting in front of enthusiastic readers, is that they leave reviews.


    When you get a lot of reviews, and we get a lot of downloads, it strengthens your Amazon algorithms, and that makes Amazon work more on your behalf.


    While hitting #1 is not really the objective of this campaign – strengthening your Amazon algorithm is! – when you do hit #1 Amazon kicks its marketing engine up another notch for you!


    We also get paid for page reads. It’s true! Amazon can see how many pages of your eBook are being read, and you get paid per page read.

    Our Raving Fans

    “This Amazon Power BOOST class is singularly the best thing I’ve done for my book marketing! I took the class, chose my campaign date, and in one weekend I had over 4000 downloads and 11 #1 categories on Amazon! Definitely learned so much about marketing in this class!”

    Marisa jones

    “Not only did I hit #1 in 8 categories during my campaign, but I noticed a strong showing of continued page-reads for the next three months. And I got 15 reviews in the first few weeks! I’ll do this campaign a couple times a year when I need a boost.”

    Shari Peterson