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I cannot say enough amazing things about My Word Publishing and about Amanda Miller!! This is an all-hands-on deck approach when it comes to getting your book published, marketed, and promoted!! The support I experienced from day one has been paramount! As a first-time author, I came into this process with little knowledge or confidence. Polly has ensured that I not only knew the best ways to market and self-promote but has also taught me along the way and provided tools and resources I never would have known about! Amanda has been a constant light in this process – she has held my hand and walked me through each and every step. Not only has she been my consultant, she has been my cheerleader and has continued to inspire me to go BIG each and every day!!

Kylee Marshall

Author of Dirt and Wildflowers


What's different about My Word Publishing?

There are three big differences that make My Word Publishing unique within publishing models:

1. We have no ownership rights at all, period. You are simply hiring us to help you publish your book, and get you through production, publication, and distribution. We want YOU to own your own publishing company, (which we’ll help you do), which is the only way for you to maintain 100% of all your rights. All royalties go straight into your bank account, not through us, and your publishing company logo is on the back of your book and the copyright page, not ours.

2. We don’t do packages. Every single project we work on is custom designed for that author. Some books are longer than others, some have illustrations, some need more editing, some authors have their own illustrator, or their own editor – which makes “packages” a silly concept.

3. We don’t do contracts. We do each sign an Agreement so we both understand exactly what we agreed upon, but either party can break the agreement at any time for any reason. At any point, if  you’re not happy with our work, you’re not forced to stay with us by a contract.

What are the different kinds of editing?

Generally there are three kinds of editing. Not all manuscripts need all three rounds, so the first thing we’d do is have a couple of editors review your manuscript and see what it needs.

First round: The first round of editing is called the Development edit. That’s when the editor is looking at the manuscript for overall storyline, make sure the plot and characters are developed and that there are no redundancies or holes in the storyline.

Second round: The second round is called the copy line edit and is generally with the same editor as the development round. In the copy line edit the editor is looking at paragraph structure, sentence structure, and word choice.

Third round: The last editing round is the proof edit. This is for grammar and punctuation only. This edit usually goes to a new editor with a fresh pair of eyes, and one that specializes in proof editing, working with Chicago Manual of Style.

How much will this cost?

All of our projects are custom designed, so when we sit down with you at our initial consultation, we will figure out what your goals are, where you are in your project, what you need to hit your goals, then we would figure out your cost. 

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When do I come to your for help?

You can come to us at many points.

1. Let’s say you have an idea for a book but have no idea where to start. We could find you a good writing coach to help you through the outline and writing, or point you in the direction of writing classes.

2. Many writers come to us with the first draft of their manuscript ready to go into editing. In that case our first move would be to get it to a few editors to see what kind of shape it’s in and what work it will need. You make the final choice of your editor.

3. Even if you’ve started your manuscript and get stuck, please let us help you get to the right coach or editor to help you bring it home.

Do you do children's books?

Yes! The team of Amanda Miller and Shelly Wilhelm at My Word Publishing will lead you to success! We will help you with the conceptual development, the storyboard, layout, illustrator contracts, and all the details for production and publication.

Can you help me find a publisher?

No, we don’t help you find a publisher. The model of publishing we recommend – in order for you to keep 100% of your rights and royalties – is that all of our authors start their own publishing companies. We help guide you through that, and it’s easy.

I just need some advice, can I pick your brain?

Oh you bet. Part of our mission at My Word Publishing is to make sure you stay on track without making very bad, very expensive mistakes, so even if you don’t hire us to manage the entire project, then you could hire us three other ways:

1. You can hire me by the hour. For one hour we pile information onto you regarding your next steps, and you go do all the leg work. It keeps it affordable for you. That is $150 for the hour.
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2. We also have what is called Spot Coaching. That is 10 questions over the course of a year. It’s meant to keep you on track.

3. We could also do certain tasks for you: upload your book onto Amazon, optimize your account, put your copyright page together, etc.
Here’s a menu of our a la carte services.

Do I keep all my copyrights?

Yes, when you work with me you keep 100% of all of your rights: copyrights, sales rights, distribution rights, foreign rights, digital rights. All of it. You hire me to help you manage your entire project so you don’t get lost and make expensive mistakes.

Do I need an ISBN?

You need an ISBN if you want to sell your book online or in a bookstore or shop of any kind. IF you just want to give your book away, then no, you don’t need an ISBN.

What if I'm not a writer?

Almost all of our authors are first time writers, so our wheelhouse is working with first time writers. Our writing coaches, editors, and publishing consultants will treat you with patience – and won’t bite. Promise.

What if I have my own (editor? Cover designer? Etc.)

That’s fine if you have your own service providers. You need to understand though, that we have not worked with them and that they may have different processes and policies than the people we do work with.

Do you only service authors based in Connecticut?

My Word Publishing has been expanding in the past couple of years. We are now proud to say that we serve authors all over the United States. In fact, we also help many authors out of the US. Amanda is specifically based in the southwest region of Connecticut and can meet you in-person for an initial consultation, but she is also available to authors nationally via Zoom.