Kylee J. Marshall Receives NYC Big Book Award


Kylee came to me with a memoir she had been working on for years. She knew she had to tell her story and wanted to inspire others to share theirs. When Of Dirt and Wildflowers was released in June of 2023, Marshall had a line out the door waiting for author signed copies.

Marshall went on to build and host several talks related to her books content and was chosen as a speaker for the 2023 Colorado Powerhouse Summit.

Kylee has been touring the states hosting talks at book clubs sharing her message.


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Visit Kylee’s author website to learn more about Of Dirt and Wildflowers and check out the author interview below.

Of Dirt and Wildflowers is available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“In the wistful memoir Of Dirt and Wildflowers, natural, tactile items are used to reflect on the idea that all people, plants, and cherished possessions have stories to tell.”

KC Finn, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“Kylee J. Marshall’s unique narrative style grips you from the off in this tender work, which is part memoir and part inspirational guide to life. Everyone has struggles in their sense of self and path toward a better future, and Marshall writes in such an engaging and soothing way that it feels like a wise old friend is sitting you down for a heart-to-heart.”

Jamie Michele, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“Nobody will ever be able to accuse author Kylee J. Marshall of not having the courage to bloom after reading Of Dirt and Wildflowers: A Memoir, and even though I have finished the book I find myself going back and rereading some of the parts that touched me deeply. Overall, this is a beautifully written inspirational memoir and I would give it a whole bucket full of stars if I could.”

Foluso Falaye, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“Kylee’s words inspire deep thoughts about mindfulness, growth, changes, nature, expectations, workaholism, healing, breaking free, and various other disparate topics. In summary, Of Dirt and Wildflowers reads like a poetic memoir, leaving you with several vivid images and wise lessons to help you align with your own life’s purpose.”

Nino Lobiladze, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Of Dirt and Wildflowers is a book that leaves a profound impression. It’s a memoir that inspires us to look deeper within ourselves and grasp the true value of things. Her journey toward the acceptance of her limitations and a new willingness to rely on others is remarkable and eye-opening.”

The Author’S Experience

I cannot say enough amazing things about My Word Publishing and about Amanda Miller!! This is an all-hands-on deck approach when it comes to getting your book published, marketed, and promoted!! The support I experienced from day one has been paramount! As a first-time author, I came into this process with little knowledge or confidence. Polly has ensured that I not only knew the best ways to market and self-promote but has also taught me along the way and provided tools and resources I never would have known about! Amanda has been a constant light in this process – she has held my hand and walked me through each and every step. Not only has she been my consultant, she has been my cheerleader and has continued to inspire me to go BIG each and every day!!

Kylee J. Marshall

Author, Of Dirt and Wildflowers