Resources to
Help You Write!


It’s November! Which means it’s also National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Historically, NaNoWriMo has been acknowledged as the month to write a full novel (50,000 words) start to finish, but for some writers, we take it as a kick-in-the-butt to write something each day – whether that’s one short story a day or a piece of poetry a day. This may mean you partake in writing prompts, writing groups, or just reconnect with a writing partner and keep in touch each day to help meet your goal. If you’re a writer and want some more resources to join in on the fun, read on!

Events to Attend During NaNoWriMo

To begin, the main NaNoWriMo website has a list of events ranging from yoga and writing, to specified writer’s groups, and coaching from published authors. Check out the events calendar here:

Prompts to Write a Novel

If you’re looking for some fun prompts to keep you on track in writing your novel, Robyn at Paper Blanks has provided a prompt for each day of the month..some of which say:

    1. Your main character looks out the window and sees…
    2. The room begins to fill with smoke…
    3. Two characters meet to share a meal…
    4. “I have a plan,” said…
    5. The weather suddenly turned chilly…

Get the full list here:

Prompts for Short Story Writers

My Word Publishing Consultant and published author, K.B. Jensen, shares, “Personally, I love FlashNaNoWriMo for prompts, where you write a short story a day. This is how I usually celebrate NaNoWriMo lately.”

Poetic Prompts

For poets like myself, I recommend using Suleika Jaouad’s Poetry Writing Prompts. Her poetry writing prompts from her online publication, The Isolation Journals, are outstanding. Her prompts are insightful and well…poetic! If you’ve joined in any of my writing workshops at My Word Publishing, you would already be familiarized with them. Take a look here:

How to Stay Consistent

Lastly, the hardest part to reaching any writing goal, I find, is keeping yourself on track and making the time and space to do the writing. I know many writers who have told me the buddy system has proven very helpful to them. This is where you find a writing buddy who you text at the start and end of your writing time to keep you both accountable. It also helps if you choose the same place and same time each day so that it becomes a ritual.

Let us know if you are participating in NaNoWriMo and what mode of writing you will be taking this November! Have fun!